First Aid: Responding to Illness & Injury Nairobi, Kenya

Do you have responsibility for caring for children? Join us to develop the confidence and practical skills to appropriately respond to common childhood injuries and illnesses which occur on the field: 18 - 19 Nov 2013.

In-house training

We offer all of our training courses, workshops, seminars and learning days for InterHealth Worldwide subscribers in-house. Key benefits include:


You choose the date and location of the course

Value for money

In-house courses are charged at a day rate so there can be substantial cost benefits

Applied learning

In-house training offers a great opportunity to take the course content and discuss it in the context of your organisation’s specific needs and challenges. This is particularly helpful for managers, who are then in a position to implement what they have learned within your organisation.


We can also partner with your organisation to facilitate events that are tailored to particular issues or contexts faced by your staff within specific working environments.

Using our  current programme we can work with you to focus on the specific events your organisation has experienced, or the broader challenges your organisation needs to consider.

If our learning needs assessment concludes that training is not the best way forward, the InterHealth team are available to provide a consultancy service.

If you would like more information, or you’re interested in hosting in-house training, please contact our training team via [email protected]