About us

An integrated approach to healthcare

We are committed to an integrated approach to healthcare

We offer health services that keep in mind the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health issues affecting relief, development and mission workers.

Our services can be used individually, or as part of our subscription plan, which offers a variety of benefits to organisations and individuals.

Our experience has shown that psychological and physical health concerns are closely linked. With many physical symptoms being a manifestation of stress, anxiety and fatigue, our unique approach helps us to explore the issues with individuals early on, providing appropriate care and support before health issues turn into serious problems.

Our core message is about preventing things that are preventable, and catching health issues early, before they become serious and affect a person’s ability to work.

Health Support for Organisations

We provide support to organisations (HR teams and management) and their staff working throughout the world.

Health Support for Individuals

We provide comprehensive and integrated care from the time of recruitment to the end of assignment. We reflect this in the preparation, support and after-care of those who travel worldwide. We empower people and support their health and wellbeing with our online personal health tool called MyHealth.


We deliver training in London, Nairobi and in other centres by request on a wide range of topics connected with health, wellbeing and resilience.

Health Information

We produce publications, including reports, briefings and information sheets. All of our health information is available in Around the World in an
A - Z list.

Location Specific Support

We provide timely health alerts, news and guidance tailored to specific locations using Google Maps.

Research, Writing & Speaking

We are involved in research, writing books and textbook chapters, and speaking nationally and internationally on the healthcare of aid workers, mission partners, and long term expatriates.